Experienced surgeon in the field of Cosmetic Surgery.
Director of the Canadian Institute of Cosmetic Surgery.
Vice president of the Canadian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery

Special Canadian & Quebec Certificates

Teaches Head and Neck surgery and Facial Esthetic Surgery in two Quebec Universities.

  • the House of Commons of Canada

    Certificate from the House of Commons of Canada “In recognition of the dedication and the contribution to the Canadian Society”.

  • National Assembly

    Certificate from the Quebec National Assembly, for “the dedication and contribution to the Quebec Society”.

  • the House of Commons of Canada

    Certificate from the House of Commons of Canada, ”In recognition of the realizations and contributions to Canada”.

Docteur N. Fanous MD,ORL,FRCS(C)

Triple board certified in the U.S.A by:

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery
The American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery
The American Board of Head and Neck Surgery/OTL
Advanced training ”fellowship” in Facial Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery with renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Webster of Harvard University, Boston, U.S.A.

Double Canadian certification in Head and Neck surgery/OTL in Canada and Quebec.

The Diamond Jubilee Medal «in recognition of his contributions to Canada».

Academic Achievements

  • 55 scientific publications in the field of cosmetic and facial plastic surgery, in national and international medical journals.
  • 77 guest speaker presentations in medical conferences & courses.
  • 148 scientific presentations in national and international conferences.
  • Surgical designer: of seven new surgical instruments and of 16 new facial implants in the field of facial plastic surgery.

Memberships and Associations

Founding member, The Canadian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery

Senior member ″Fellow″, past and present:

    • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
    • American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery
    • American Society of Cosmetic Surgeons
    • Canadian Society of Head & Neck Surgery/ Otolaryngology
    • American Society of Lipo-Suction Surgery
    • International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Rome, Italy
    • International College of Surgeons, Geneva, Switzerland

Media Interviews

Newspapers: The Gazette, La Presse, The Toronto Star, Le Soleil, 24h, Montreal Mirror, Métro Montréal, etc.
Television: TVA, CBC (Canada), Radio-Canada (Canada), 2 Filles le Matin (TVA), etc.
Magazines: Maclean’s, The National Enquirer, OMNI, TV Hebdo, Châtelaine, etc.
Radio: CJFM, CFCF, CBC Radio, CKGM, CBC, CJAD, CHUM, Radio Rock Détente, etc.
Web : MSN Style de Vie, Canoe.ca, Mlle.ca, Clin d’Oeil.ca.


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Montréal, QC, Canada, H3Z 2P9

Phone: (514) 935-9513

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