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A subtle appearance is our priority

The “Blepharoplasty” or eyelid lift is a cosmetic surgery that permits to rejuvenate the eyelids.

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    How does Dr. Fanous carry-out the eyelid surgery?

    Dr. Fanous performs an upper lid lift ‘upper blepharoplasty’ as follows:

    He makes an incision in the crease of the upper eyelid (the palpebral fold). Through this incision, he is able to remove the excess skin and fat. By firming your upper eyelids, this procedure redefines your look.

    For the problem of the bags under the eyes, Dr. Fanous practices a ‘lower blepharoplasty’ as follows:

    Generally, the incision for this surgery is performed inside the lower eyelid (transconjunctival). It is through this incision that Dr. Fanous removes the fat clusters that form the bags under the eyes. If Dr. Fanous has to remove extra skin in this area, he will perform an external incision below the lower lash line. The scar will be well camouflaged within the natural wrinkles of the skin.

    Frequently asked questions

    • Will my entourage notice my eyelid surgery?

      It is important for Dr. Fanous that your rejuvenated eyelids are subtle-looking and do not look “pulled”.

      Members of your entourage may compliment you on your rested look, or ask you if you just returned from a vacation!

    • Will I have bruises, discoloration or swelling?

      Following the blepharoplasty technique performed by Dr. Fanous, bruises and swelling are visible for one to two weeks.

    • How long do the results of an eyelid surgery last?

      The blepharoplasty will rejuvenate your eyelids but will not stop their aging.

      You will look few years younger after your eyelid surgery and you will keep this age difference in the future.

    • Can I exercise after my eyelid lift?

      You can resume exercising three to four weeks after your blepharoplasty.

    • Will I need a forehead lift?

      The forehead lift should ideally be performed with blepharoplasty in the case of sagging eyebrows.

      Instead of only removing the excess skin from the upper eyelids, the ideal correction would also be to slightly lift the eyebrows. When pulling the eyebrows a few millimeters upwards, the tired look is replaced by an alert and relaxed expression.

      The “forehead lift 0.0.3” is an approach introduced and taught by Dr. Fanous. This technique uses only three short incisions, of almost 1.5 cm each, that are completely hidden in the scalp. There is no apparent incision on the forehead or eyelids!

    • Will I need CO2 laser?

      The CO2 laser is an intense light.
      It is often used after a lower eyelid surgery to diminish skin wrinkles that persist after the blepharoplasty, especially in the lower lids.

    • In how long will I have a decent appearance?

      In general, you will have a presentable appearance to get out of the house within two to three weeks after your eyelid surgery.

      Allow 6 to 12 months for the final result of your eyelid surgery.

    • Will I have visible scars?

      Dr. Fanous practices one or more of the following incisions during the blepharoplasty:

      In the case of an upper blepharoplasty, the incision is hidden in the eyelid crease (the fold of the upper eyelid).

      In the case of a lower blepharoplasty, the incision is placed either inside the lower eyelid (thus invisible) or under the lash line (hidden in a natural wrinkle on the skin).

      All these incisions are closed carefully and usually heal very well, leaving fine scars.

    • When can I resume work?

      Generally, you will be able to return to work two to three weeks after your blepharoplasty.

    • What should I expect for my recovery time?

      You will return home on the same day of your eyelid surgery. You may have some bruising and swelling in the upper part of your face, which will gradually disappear.

      During your recovery, it is quite possible and normal to feel tearing, irritation, dryness, itching or temporary droopy eyelids.

      Your eyes will also be more sensitive to sunshine or light.

    • Will I need Botox?

      Botox is a local injection that weakens the contraction of the muscles of the upper face, thus reducing the frown lines between the eyebrows and the smiling lines around the eyes.
      In the case of a patient concerned by crow’s feet wrinkles, Botox can be an interesting addition to the eyelid surgery.
      The effect of Botox lasts for 4 to 6 months. Maintenance is therefore normally done twice a year.
      However, for a patient wishing to correct the sunken areas under the eyes, there is another kind of injection made of a colloidal substance that promotes deep hydration of the skin and is also found naturally in the human body: hyaluronic acid.
      This injection works by filling these depressions, making your eyes look younger.

    • Is an eyelid surgery the only solution for me?

      In addition to your blepharoplasty, it is often possible to improve your result with the use of a forehead lift, some injections, laser or peeling.

    What is the duration of the eyelid surgery?

    The duration of a blepharoplasty performed by Dr. Fanous is generally an hour and a half.
    This surgery takes place in our modern certified surgical center in Montreal.

    Is it painful?

    Dr. Fanous ensures that your eyelid lift takes place without any pain.
    In general, you will have very little pain and discomfort during the postoperative period.

    Will I have to be put to sleep under general anesthesia?

    Dr. Fanous uses local anesthesia with sedation.
    This type of anesthesia is highly appreciated by the vast majority of our patients who undergo a blepharoplasty performed by Dr. Fanous at our surgery clinic in Montreal.

    Will I have to return to the clinic to get my stitches taken out?

    No. Dr. Fanous uses “absorbable stitches”, which disintegrate by themselves!

    Are there possible complications associated with the blepharoplasty?

    Although they are possible, the following complications are infrequent: marked scarring (keloids), infections, bleeding, changes in sensations, skin necrosis, pain, asymmetry, etc.

    Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery, not an eye surgery. Complications involving the eyes or the eyesight are therefore extremely rare.

    The cost of the surgery: how much does a blepharoplasty cost?

    It is simple: call now at 514-935-9513 to get an immediate estimate of the cost of a blepharoplasty.

    Depending on the esthetic problem and the reputation of the surgeon, the cost of a blepharoplasty can vary greatly.

    Do you offer a payment plan to pay for the eyelid surgery in installments?

    We can put you in contact with a financial agency that permits you to pay for your blepharoplasty over a period of 1 to 5 years.

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